Waikiki’s Hilton Garden Inn opens following multi-million dollar renovations

The newly refurbished Hilton Garden Inn Waikiki Beach Resort opened following a 13-month renovation.
The job cost the hotel chain $115 million dollars.


John Greenleaf, the Global Head of the Hilton Garden, said the job is an enormous accomplishment.
“It’s a major day for Waikiki, and a big day for the Hilton Garden Inn brand, on the island with the first Garden Inn,” Greenleaf said. “we’re very pleased with the beauty of the resort that our partners that are invested invested in.”

Guests will even have access to Holoholo Cafe, the hotel’s fitness centers and Marketplace and rooftop pool.
Greenleaf said the hotel’s comforts, easy shore access and location will provide a distinctive remaining encounter to guests.
Guests can rent a room at the Hilton Garden Inn for as low as $209 a night and officials say the resort’s present rate is priced below the business’s international average.

Visitors have a good deal to choose from when it comes to booking a resort in Waikiki but Greenleaf says he’s optimistic of the Hilton Garden Inn’s success.

“It’s a brand-new hotel but more important than that is the strength of the Hilton name,” Greenleaf said. “The Hilton has been long established the knowledge of the Hilton Garden Inn brand has a worldwide footprint and also here on Oahu.”
To date over one hundred room bookings are made.

The Hilton Garden Inn Waikiki Beach Resort is said to be the largest resort in its brand’s history with 623 entirely renovated rooms.

Vacationing At The Hilton Garden Inn

People that travel for vacation or business know that they want to stay in a quality place. The problem that a person could run into though is that with all of the available hotel choices they could end up picking the wrong one to stay in. However, a person will want to consider all of the positives that they can find by booking a room in the Hilton Garden Inn.

One positive that a person can find is that they can get a hot breakfast. Now this meal while it might cost some additional money is going to be made to order. So rather than having to wait in line or brave the elements outside the person can order a hot meal on the grounds. Then when they get the first taste of the food they will see that it was well worth the cost that they paid for it.

Another positive is that a person can enjoy the indoor pool. Many people when they travel want to relax and stretch the muscles out, but if the pool is outdoors in the middle of winter that is going to be an impossible task. However, by staying here they could do that by using the indoor pool and then they will not have to worry about the cold air outside interrupting the plans they have to stretch the tired and aching muscles out.